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Review: Beelzebub 225

Last week, we were left hanging with a smirking Hilda riding on that bird-monster-thing that I can't remember, and am too lazy to search up. I'll try harder next time. But in any case, the first page starts off... Well.. Very, very sparkly. xD Hahahaha, I honestly feel bad for Furuichi, but at the same time, I can't help but shake my head at his situation.

But anyway, moving on!

The five have FINALLY gathered together! Nasu and Ringo's verbal fight was pack-full of burns, and I absolutely love it. (I dunno, but for some reason, a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny feeling popped up out of nowhere, saying, "Hey, what if they were a pairing?" Ah, how my imagination works.) Akaboshi, of course, is badass, and I swear, I love Toujou's facial expression when the wall broke down. xD Poor guy, he's been working so hard, and all of it's going into the dumpster. Literally. But hey, doesn't that mean that he gets paid even more? Looking on the bright side has it's benefits~
(Note: holy crap, I didn't even recognize Takamiya with his hair down again. Bloody hell. For once, I agree with Ringo on the "mysteriously sexy" thing.)

But anyway, while the five meeting up is a big thing, the real highlight of the chapter iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss:

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SERIOUSLY. THE FUCK. XD Holy shit man, I absolutely cracked up at this point. What the hell are THEY doing in the land of Obesity and Duckfaces?

And to make this even funnier, we have...

Man, these guys are going to have their asses whooped real good.

The last box just made me giggle evilly. Bitches, you have no idea who you're messing with. xD
"Fuckin' Jap!!"

"I can feel the winds of freedom." WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, oh my stomach hurts. I shouldn't laugh so hard.

Oh, that was really, really fun. But anyway, the real cliffhanger here, is the last picture.

Dude, what the hell...? I honestly thought Beel's mom was dead! >~< OH HOW THE PLOT PROGRESSES! And, the hell is she doing in America, anyway? Of all places.



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