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Review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 85 (End)

I... Never believed that this day would actually come. I mean, I kind of knew it was going to happen eventually, but that still doesn't mean that my heart and head accepted the idea. But now, I can't do anything about it. The day has come, and my heart is not prepared. T_______T I believe that I am going to go to a corner and cry myself a river. Might as well start on the bridge and get all the koi I can find on such short notice. But in any case, I'm currently in a state of denial and absolute shock (my brain's still trying to get the echoing of "NOOOOOOOOOOO, THIS CAN'T BEEEEEEE, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING, MY HEART, MY SOUL IS SHATTERING INTO A MILLION POWDERY PIECES, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!" sorted out. It's interfering with my common sense. To a certain degree, anyway)

Argh! I just.. I just don't want to accept it. T_T No, seriously, how am I going to move on with my life?! This is painful. But, sigh, life, apparently, moves on. But the worst part, though, is that the ending was absolutely PERFECT. DAMNIT. It's because it's a good ending that I'm having so much trouble. I wanted to rant about how bad it was and how unjustified it was, and how it deserved to be continued so that a better ending could be written! But I can't, because there's nothing wrong with it! Sigh... I dunno, I'm just stuck in denial. But in any case, because I love it so much, and because it deserves a proper sendoff, I have to review this. For the sake of my love towards it. T-T

T____________T NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~ Ack, my heart. It's weeping helplessly at how pretty this is. TT-TT I mean, just LOOK at how hot Usui is here... Sigh. And Misaki's looking really, really pretty as well. Goddamnit, everything looks good. = = From just this, I can feel the finality of it all. ("_ _) Moving on...

I gotta admit, this is bloody AWESOME! I wish my high school was like this! It seems so fun, hahaha! My high school is nowhere near as interesting, sad to say. I can really feel the bond that the senpai and kouhai have towards each other T-T Wish I could experience that at some point. But honestly. Looking at this just reminds me of how Seika started out in the beginning. It's so different, so vibrant now, compared to before. T-T Can't help feeling proud at how it's changed.

Speaking of which, there's also...

I absolutely LOVE everyone's reaction's here. xD Particularly Misaki's. Just because I'm turning into a sadist like Usui, bahaha. XD
Not to mention... Yukimura looks absolutely adorable!!!! >////< Everyone's heeeeeerrreee~~ Hehehehe T^T *tears of joy..* The "They're not cross-dressers." comment made me laugh, a lot. Not to mention, Shizuko and Sakura seem to fit in perfectly into their maid outfits! Hahaha!

I really liked Sakura's pep talk to Misaki. It just goes to show that everybody has a part in this manga. It'd be interesting if they worked alongside Misaki in Maid Latte, though. Sakura seems born for the job.

Guess I'm not the only one in denial here, hahaha! Misaki, oh, the cool beauty as always. Though, your coolness got disrupted by Aoi. xD (Love you, Aoi~~ <3) But in any case, STAND STRONG, MISA-CHAN! Sigh. This is, yeah, this is probably the last time I'll ever get to see you wear the Maid Latte uniform again. T-T Oh, there goes my heart.

Your pep-talk right there just shows how much you've grown and matured over the entire series. T-T I'm so.. *sniff* so.. *sniff* so damn proud of youuuu~~ And you did such a cool pose, too xD

HURRAY FOR HIGH SCHOOL LIFE AND MAID CAFFÉS! Mmmhhmm, yeah. The new Maid Latte generation has appeared! >< GO SUZUNA! <3 Gambatte~ Take on your sister's roll~~
Speaking of Maid Latte...

Wahahahahahaha! You-kun. xD You poor, poor soul. I honestly do pity you. You and Yukimura. So cute! (Wow, I really am a sadist). GO AOI! GO, GO AOI!

Oh, dear. You guys are sad to the very end. Forget what I said about You-kun and Yukimura. You guys are the saddest. ("_ _) (pats back) There, there. From the beginning to the end, you guys never lost your rolls as the Sanbaka. <3 Gambatte~ But, looking at this scene (Misaki working late at the Student Council Room and Usui standing by), is so nostalgic. I can't.. can't bear to let go. T-T

Following which is Usui being all sweet and not in a lame way corny. >//////< I also liked how in the background there's the sounds of the school going on. It kind of reminds me of while things like this seem important, the world moves on. It doesn't wait. But of course, after every lovey-dovey scene is always...

There it is~~ XD Hahaha. Perverted alien.. *sniff* I'm going to miss this nickname so, so much. But you know, if I think about it, maybe Usui's the masochist, not Misaki. XD I mean, he loves getting her pissed off - and loves getting yelled by her too. And, ooohhhh, that sounds like a proposal. xD Well, actually, a lot of things sound like proposals ("_ _) so I'm not even sure anymore. Sigh...

But, following that are some sweet thoughts about how life goes on. And before we know it, it's already 10 years into the future. The leading up part to what everyone looks like is a suuuuupppeeerrrr teaser. T-T But we don't have to wait long, because...

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~MISACHAAAAAAAAAAAAN. YOU.. YOU.. YOU'RE SO PRETTY. AND MATURE. AND. AND. AND. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?! But you're still so pretty T-T I laughed at how Sakura looks, um, the same. xD And how Shizuko's hair grew out.

Following which was the dreaded arrival ooooooffffff *drum roll, please*

Daaaaaaaayyyyuuuummm. He still looks smexy. xD He's mastered it! Mastered the smexy look! Aaaahhh~~ <3 <3 <3 (fangasm) Damn. In this picture, you can really see the British side to him. He's no longer that teenager. He's a man now, and I can see it clearly, in how finely cut he is. (melts)

And, and, and, AH, IT'S THE WEDDING! THE WEDDING! THE WEDDING! (how can Misaki change so quickly? Isn't she still sweaty from running? Or maybe she showered. Oh, but that would take time!)

I can see everyone. The Ayuzawa family, with You-kun (who, by the way, is looking very, very hot at the moment.), the Sanbaka, the Manager and the rest of Maid Latte, followed by Aoi-kun (I know it's you, despite the speech bubble.). And, what a lovely chapel, too! >////<



And, hahaha, I had a feeling that Sakura was pregnant, even before it was shown. (Just kind of figured, ya know?) And it's kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnndddd of obvious that Kuuga would be the daddy. (Wait, so she's Sakurai Sakura, now? Hahaha! What a pink name.)

Holy fuck. This page made me scream louder than I did for TYL Usui. Not a joke. AOI, HOW IN FUCK'S NAME DID YOU GET SO HOT?! WHAT ON EARTH DID 10 YEARS DO TO YOU, HUH? HUH?! Still a tsundere, though, I'm sure. XD <3 Not much has changed for Shizuko and the manager, but that's good, that's really good. (Is it really a good thing for a woman of her age -notthatshe'sold- to bleed so much?)

The rest of Maid Latte seem fine as well (Cocktail Maid, huh? Well, that's... something). And I like how things have somewhat changed (like Subaru getting a different job and such.) And, Ruri seems to be fine as well. xD

That being said, there was something that kind of irked me.

While I'm happy that they (Yukimura and Kanou) turned out okay, I can't help but question: Are they a gay couple? I mean, sure, in high school it's funny to joke about, but that's just because we knew it's probably not true (ehem, excusing the UsuixYukimura incident). Now, however, it might just be likely. I'm not sure. I probably don't want to know - let's just leave it at that. But damn they both look good.

As for You-kun...

Well damn. He is smokin' HOT. Oh, and he really, really, REALLY looks like TYL Sasagawa Ryhouhei from Reborn. Even the scar! (wrong placement, though). And, and, is that Usui's dad? Well, that's really sweet. Kind of angsty, but I suppose it fits, ne? It'd be nice if he could meet Usui, though... T-T But I bet his mom's happy that his son's gained so much happiness.

Hahahahahahaha! After ten whole years, this is something that will never change, and I love them for it! GO YOU-KUN! GO TAKUMI! KEEP THAT CAMERA WORKIN' SUZUNA! <3 While they are fighting about totally different things now (bahahaha, BROTHER-IN-LAW!) Why am I not surprised about the fact that Suzuna got married before Misaki. I knew it was going to happen, I just knew it. Not like You-kun could really put up a fight, anyway, all things considered. No kids? Oh, speaking of kids, I'd LOVE to see their kids battling it out! Aaaahhhh T____________T LITTLE USUIS. OH MY GOD. (fangasm) the cuteness is going to kill me. Manager, hand me a tissue.

And it's really nice to know that the Sanbaka survived~ And to think! One of them's even married (WITH THREE KIDS!) hahaha. Though, while I think the Erika Ryuu thing's quite interesting, I am NOT shipping the whole Aoi Honoka pairing. Not. One. Bit. I'm sorry, but no, it just doesn't work with me. (And no, this is not because I like Aoi, hmph!) I just don't think that they're a very good pair, is all. Plus, uh, age difference? HELLO, 6 FREAKIN' YEARS! AOI WAS ONLY 14 BACK THEN, for pete's sake. Tsk, tsk, Honoka, who knew you were a cougar? Wait, no, now that I think about it, you do seem like the type to be a cougar. Huh, who'd have thought?

Huh, Misaki was right about the Urashima Tarou thing... But, I like how Usui was able to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor, and Misaki becoming a kickass diplomat. >w< But anyway, that thing about her leaving in one week? Bahahaha, that just means that the two are going to have to make that one week count. *winkwinknudgenudge*

But in any case, this...

It wouldn't have felt right if this didn't happen, ya know? It's just Usui's style, HAHAHA! Oh, oh, Tora! Tooorrraaa~~ <3 Still looking as sharp and smexy as ever, bahahaha. xD And I'm guessing from the wedding ring that you did marry that other girl. Hmmm. Well, I guess you can't stay in love with Misaki forever. Though, I suppose I did like that pairing, simply because I like characters like Tora. Evil, arrogant, but is able to live up to his name, and has a soft side. xD Oh boy. Ne, Tora, if you don't like that other girl, you can always marry me~~ Kidding~ (ish).

*sniff* *sob* *sob* I-I-It's o-over *sob* *sniff* Damnit. Why, why did it have to end? That "Baka Usui" just pierced right through my heart. OH THE NOSTALGIA AND THE FEELS. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME. And seeing everyone from the past again, in that last panel, oh, it just turned me into a blubbering mess. Those characters that I've fallen in love with have appeared for the last time, for the last goodbye. There won't be another update next month. I won't have to suffer anymore as I wait. But I'd take that over this finality. *sob* And, the "Have a safe trip, Master." just killed me. It killed me. The whole Maid-spirit was never forgotten, and every loose end was tightened up beautifully. There are no plotholes, and for some unfathomable reason, I can't complain about the ending (excluding the AoixHonoka thing, but that can be fixed.) And so, this is goodbye. For good. T-T

(Goes and cries in a corner)

But hey, this is what Fanfiction is for, isn't it?
I love you, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. Thank you for the unforgettable journey. <3



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