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Having to start and fall in love with an incomplete manga is painful. All those agonizing days and weeks of having to wait patiently for the next update (especially when the mangaka decides to be an asshole and ends the chapter with a cliffhanger) is tough. But all in all, we readers don't realize how great that is, until the day comes when the manga's status ultimately changes to: COMPLETE. Despite how epic and absolutely perfect the ending may be, the fact that it's over simply breaks my heart every time - because that's just it. I don't want it to end!

After spending so much time in front of my laptop, reading till the early hours, growing with the characters, feeling their pain and joy throughout the entire series, and losing myself into the ethereal world in which the manga has created, when the time comes that the manga will no longer continue, and the adventure comes to a complete stop, it's as if a part of my soul's been destroyed, and can never fully recover. Sure, I can always reread the series, that's fairly obvious. But I will never be able to get excited and giddy over the latest chapter, never get frustrated and vexed to no end over how long the update is taking, and I'll never be able to read on without knowing what's going to happen next. I'll never be able to live with the series and its characters anymore - when I reread, it'll be as if I'm looking back on a distant memory, an old friend that's caused me to laugh and to cry when the moment deems it. Yeah, the day a manga has changed its status is a sad, sad day indeed. 



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