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[sticky post] First Things First.

Hi there, welcome to my journal. The name's Riza. Here, instead of my personal journal, I'll be posting a couple of fanfictions, some original things, and I'll also be ranting about the latest manga update that's gotten under my skin or has made me squeal like the fangirl that I am. Feel free to browse through and procrastinate here, and it'd mean a lot if I got some feedback on the things that I might probably write. Nobody's perfect, so there will be grammar mistakes cluttered in certain places, and I might miss a couple of words as I'm typing. All in all, thanks for reading!~

Disclaimer: All of the manga panels that I post do not belong to me. They all belong to their respective mangaka, and are mostly from mangareader. (I'll put the site, so you can just check it then). I also do not own any of the pictures, but I will try my best to cite their owners the best that I can.

Review: Beelzebub 225

Last week, we were left hanging with a smirking Hilda riding on that bird-monster-thing that I can't remember, and am too lazy to search up. I'll try harder next time. But in any case, the first page starts off... Well.. Very, very sparkly. xD Hahahaha, I honestly feel bad for Furuichi, but at the same time, I can't help but shake my head at his situation.

But anyway, moving on!

The five have FINALLY gathered together! Nasu and Ringo's verbal fight was pack-full of burns, and I absolutely love it. (I dunno, but for some reason, a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny feeling popped up out of nowhere, saying, "Hey, what if they were a pairing?" Ah, how my imagination works.) Akaboshi, of course, is badass, and I swear, I love Toujou's facial expression when the wall broke down. xD Poor guy, he's been working so hard, and all of it's going into the dumpster. Literally. But hey, doesn't that mean that he gets paid even more? Looking on the bright side has it's benefits~
(Note: holy crap, I didn't even recognize Takamiya with his hair down again. Bloody hell. For once, I agree with Ringo on the "mysteriously sexy" thing.)

But anyway, while the five meeting up is a big thing, the real highlight of the chapter iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss:

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SERIOUSLY. THE FUCK. XD Holy shit man, I absolutely cracked up at this point. What the hell are THEY doing in the land of Obesity and Duckfaces?

And to make this even funnier, we have...

Man, these guys are going to have their asses whooped real good.

The last box just made me giggle evilly. Bitches, you have no idea who you're messing with. xD
"Fuckin' Jap!!"

"I can feel the winds of freedom." WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, oh my stomach hurts. I shouldn't laugh so hard.

Oh, that was really, really fun. But anyway, the real cliffhanger here, is the last picture.

Dude, what the hell...? I honestly thought Beel's mom was dead! >~< OH HOW THE PLOT PROGRESSES! And, the hell is she doing in America, anyway? Of all places.

Birthday: Sawada Tsunayoshi

"My pride is my comrades, my friends!"
-Sawada Tsunayoshi. (Dame-Tsuna)
Hahaha, at this point, I'm not sure if I should use "Otanjoubi omedetou" or "Buon compleanno" - maybe both? Hmmm, naaaah~~ I'll just stick with the original Japanese, just because I wanna. So here goes: OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU, TSU-KUN~~~ <3
Ahh, although it's been a while, I still love you. <3 Hahaha, was it fate that your birthday was right next to Reborn's? Hehehe. >///<

Ack >//////< this picture is so cute it's giving me a nosebleed, haha! Natsu is so fluffy T-T
But in any case, I hope you understand that no matter what Amano Akira and all those people say, REBORN IS NOT FINISHED - period. And so, if I were to follow the timeline properly (ish?) I'm guessing that now you're going to be.. uh.. 16? Yes, you are, because it's been a while, mmhhmm.

But in any case, I just wanted to upload some really badass and hot pictures of you.. um, just because. xD

"I cannot simply abandon a comrade!"

Sigh.. Those Flames.. I miss those flames. I miss that resolve, and I miss your clumsiness. Honestly, Akira-sensei, what on earth were you thinking?

But, yeah, lastly, to balance out your hot pictures, I'll add another cute one. <3

Happy birthday, Tsu-kun!~ <3


Having to start and fall in love with an incomplete manga is painful. All those agonizing days and weeks of having to wait patiently for the next update (especially when the mangaka decides to be an asshole and ends the chapter with a cliffhanger) is tough. But all in all, we readers don't realize how great that is, until the day comes when the manga's status ultimately changes to: COMPLETE. Despite how epic and absolutely perfect the ending may be, the fact that it's over simply breaks my heart every time - because that's just it. I don't want it to end!

After spending so much time in front of my laptop, reading till the early hours, growing with the characters, feeling their pain and joy throughout the entire series, and losing myself into the ethereal world in which the manga has created, when the time comes that the manga will no longer continue, and the adventure comes to a complete stop, it's as if a part of my soul's been destroyed, and can never fully recover. Sure, I can always reread the series, that's fairly obvious. But I will never be able to get excited and giddy over the latest chapter, never get frustrated and vexed to no end over how long the update is taking, and I'll never be able to read on without knowing what's going to happen next. I'll never be able to live with the series and its characters anymore - when I reread, it'll be as if I'm looking back on a distant memory, an old friend that's caused me to laugh and to cry when the moment deems it. Yeah, the day a manga has changed its status is a sad, sad day indeed. 

Review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 85 (End)

I... Never believed that this day would actually come. I mean, I kind of knew it was going to happen eventually, but that still doesn't mean that my heart and head accepted the idea. But now, I can't do anything about it. The day has come, and my heart is not prepared. T_______T I believe that I am going to go to a corner and cry myself a river. Might as well start on the bridge and get all the koi I can find on such short notice. But in any case, I'm currently in a state of denial and absolute shock (my brain's still trying to get the echoing of "NOOOOOOOOOOO, THIS CAN'T BEEEEEEE, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING, MY HEART, MY SOUL IS SHATTERING INTO A MILLION POWDERY PIECES, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?!" sorted out. It's interfering with my common sense. To a certain degree, anyway)

Argh! I just.. I just don't want to accept it. T_T No, seriously, how am I going to move on with my life?! This is painful. But, sigh, life, apparently, moves on. But the worst part, though, is that the ending was absolutely PERFECT. DAMNIT. It's because it's a good ending that I'm having so much trouble. I wanted to rant about how bad it was and how unjustified it was, and how it deserved to be continued so that a better ending could be written! But I can't, because there's nothing wrong with it! Sigh... I dunno, I'm just stuck in denial. But in any case, because I love it so much, and because it deserves a proper sendoff, I have to review this. For the sake of my love towards it. T-T

T____________T NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~ Ack, my heart. It's weeping helplessly at how pretty this is. TT-TT I mean, just LOOK at how hot Usui is here... Sigh. And Misaki's looking really, really pretty as well. Goddamnit, everything looks good. = = From just this, I can feel the finality of it all. ("_ _) Moving on...

I gotta admit, this is bloody AWESOME! I wish my high school was like this! It seems so fun, hahaha! My high school is nowhere near as interesting, sad to say. I can really feel the bond that the senpai and kouhai have towards each other T-T Wish I could experience that at some point. But honestly. Looking at this just reminds me of how Seika started out in the beginning. It's so different, so vibrant now, compared to before. T-T Can't help feeling proud at how it's changed.

Speaking of which, there's also...

I absolutely LOVE everyone's reaction's here. xD Particularly Misaki's. Just because I'm turning into a sadist like Usui, bahaha. XD
Not to mention... Yukimura looks absolutely adorable!!!! >////< Everyone's heeeeeerrreee~~ Hehehehe T^T *tears of joy..* The "They're not cross-dressers." comment made me laugh, a lot. Not to mention, Shizuko and Sakura seem to fit in perfectly into their maid outfits! Hahaha!

I really liked Sakura's pep talk to Misaki. It just goes to show that everybody has a part in this manga. It'd be interesting if they worked alongside Misaki in Maid Latte, though. Sakura seems born for the job.

Guess I'm not the only one in denial here, hahaha! Misaki, oh, the cool beauty as always. Though, your coolness got disrupted by Aoi. xD (Love you, Aoi~~ <3) But in any case, STAND STRONG, MISA-CHAN! Sigh. This is, yeah, this is probably the last time I'll ever get to see you wear the Maid Latte uniform again. T-T Oh, there goes my heart.

Your pep-talk right there just shows how much you've grown and matured over the entire series. T-T I'm so.. *sniff* so.. *sniff* so damn proud of youuuu~~ And you did such a cool pose, too xD

HURRAY FOR HIGH SCHOOL LIFE AND MAID CAFFÉS! Mmmhhmm, yeah. The new Maid Latte generation has appeared! >< GO SUZUNA! <3 Gambatte~ Take on your sister's roll~~
Speaking of Maid Latte...

Wahahahahahaha! You-kun. xD You poor, poor soul. I honestly do pity you. You and Yukimura. So cute! (Wow, I really am a sadist). GO AOI! GO, GO AOI!

Oh, dear. You guys are sad to the very end. Forget what I said about You-kun and Yukimura. You guys are the saddest. ("_ _) (pats back) There, there. From the beginning to the end, you guys never lost your rolls as the Sanbaka. <3 Gambatte~ But, looking at this scene (Misaki working late at the Student Council Room and Usui standing by), is so nostalgic. I can't.. can't bear to let go. T-T

Following which is Usui being all sweet and not in a lame way corny. >//////< I also liked how in the background there's the sounds of the school going on. It kind of reminds me of while things like this seem important, the world moves on. It doesn't wait. But of course, after every lovey-dovey scene is always...

There it is~~ XD Hahaha. Perverted alien.. *sniff* I'm going to miss this nickname so, so much. But you know, if I think about it, maybe Usui's the masochist, not Misaki. XD I mean, he loves getting her pissed off - and loves getting yelled by her too. And, ooohhhh, that sounds like a proposal. xD Well, actually, a lot of things sound like proposals ("_ _) so I'm not even sure anymore. Sigh...

But, following that are some sweet thoughts about how life goes on. And before we know it, it's already 10 years into the future. The leading up part to what everyone looks like is a suuuuupppeeerrrr teaser. T-T But we don't have to wait long, because...

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~MISACHAAAAAAAAAAAAN. YOU.. YOU.. YOU'RE SO PRETTY. AND MATURE. AND. AND. AND. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?! But you're still so pretty T-T I laughed at how Sakura looks, um, the same. xD And how Shizuko's hair grew out.

Following which was the dreaded arrival ooooooffffff *drum roll, please*

Daaaaaaaayyyyuuuummm. He still looks smexy. xD He's mastered it! Mastered the smexy look! Aaaahhh~~ <3 <3 <3 (fangasm) Damn. In this picture, you can really see the British side to him. He's no longer that teenager. He's a man now, and I can see it clearly, in how finely cut he is. (melts)

And, and, and, AH, IT'S THE WEDDING! THE WEDDING! THE WEDDING! (how can Misaki change so quickly? Isn't she still sweaty from running? Or maybe she showered. Oh, but that would take time!)

I can see everyone. The Ayuzawa family, with You-kun (who, by the way, is looking very, very hot at the moment.), the Sanbaka, the Manager and the rest of Maid Latte, followed by Aoi-kun (I know it's you, despite the speech bubble.). And, what a lovely chapel, too! >////<



And, hahaha, I had a feeling that Sakura was pregnant, even before it was shown. (Just kind of figured, ya know?) And it's kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnndddd of obvious that Kuuga would be the daddy. (Wait, so she's Sakurai Sakura, now? Hahaha! What a pink name.)

Holy fuck. This page made me scream louder than I did for TYL Usui. Not a joke. AOI, HOW IN FUCK'S NAME DID YOU GET SO HOT?! WHAT ON EARTH DID 10 YEARS DO TO YOU, HUH? HUH?! Still a tsundere, though, I'm sure. XD <3 Not much has changed for Shizuko and the manager, but that's good, that's really good. (Is it really a good thing for a woman of her age -notthatshe'sold- to bleed so much?)

The rest of Maid Latte seem fine as well (Cocktail Maid, huh? Well, that's... something). And I like how things have somewhat changed (like Subaru getting a different job and such.) And, Ruri seems to be fine as well. xD

That being said, there was something that kind of irked me.

While I'm happy that they (Yukimura and Kanou) turned out okay, I can't help but question: Are they a gay couple? I mean, sure, in high school it's funny to joke about, but that's just because we knew it's probably not true (ehem, excusing the UsuixYukimura incident). Now, however, it might just be likely. I'm not sure. I probably don't want to know - let's just leave it at that. But damn they both look good.

As for You-kun...

Well damn. He is smokin' HOT. Oh, and he really, really, REALLY looks like TYL Sasagawa Ryhouhei from Reborn. Even the scar! (wrong placement, though). And, and, is that Usui's dad? Well, that's really sweet. Kind of angsty, but I suppose it fits, ne? It'd be nice if he could meet Usui, though... T-T But I bet his mom's happy that his son's gained so much happiness.

Hahahahahahaha! After ten whole years, this is something that will never change, and I love them for it! GO YOU-KUN! GO TAKUMI! KEEP THAT CAMERA WORKIN' SUZUNA! <3 While they are fighting about totally different things now (bahahaha, BROTHER-IN-LAW!) Why am I not surprised about the fact that Suzuna got married before Misaki. I knew it was going to happen, I just knew it. Not like You-kun could really put up a fight, anyway, all things considered. No kids? Oh, speaking of kids, I'd LOVE to see their kids battling it out! Aaaahhhh T____________T LITTLE USUIS. OH MY GOD. (fangasm) the cuteness is going to kill me. Manager, hand me a tissue.

And it's really nice to know that the Sanbaka survived~ And to think! One of them's even married (WITH THREE KIDS!) hahaha. Though, while I think the Erika Ryuu thing's quite interesting, I am NOT shipping the whole Aoi Honoka pairing. Not. One. Bit. I'm sorry, but no, it just doesn't work with me. (And no, this is not because I like Aoi, hmph!) I just don't think that they're a very good pair, is all. Plus, uh, age difference? HELLO, 6 FREAKIN' YEARS! AOI WAS ONLY 14 BACK THEN, for pete's sake. Tsk, tsk, Honoka, who knew you were a cougar? Wait, no, now that I think about it, you do seem like the type to be a cougar. Huh, who'd have thought?

Huh, Misaki was right about the Urashima Tarou thing... But, I like how Usui was able to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor, and Misaki becoming a kickass diplomat. >w< But anyway, that thing about her leaving in one week? Bahahaha, that just means that the two are going to have to make that one week count. *winkwinknudgenudge*

But in any case, this...

It wouldn't have felt right if this didn't happen, ya know? It's just Usui's style, HAHAHA! Oh, oh, Tora! Tooorrraaa~~ <3 Still looking as sharp and smexy as ever, bahahaha. xD And I'm guessing from the wedding ring that you did marry that other girl. Hmmm. Well, I guess you can't stay in love with Misaki forever. Though, I suppose I did like that pairing, simply because I like characters like Tora. Evil, arrogant, but is able to live up to his name, and has a soft side. xD Oh boy. Ne, Tora, if you don't like that other girl, you can always marry me~~ Kidding~ (ish).

*sniff* *sob* *sob* I-I-It's o-over *sob* *sniff* Damnit. Why, why did it have to end? That "Baka Usui" just pierced right through my heart. OH THE NOSTALGIA AND THE FEELS. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME. And seeing everyone from the past again, in that last panel, oh, it just turned me into a blubbering mess. Those characters that I've fallen in love with have appeared for the last time, for the last goodbye. There won't be another update next month. I won't have to suffer anymore as I wait. But I'd take that over this finality. *sob* And, the "Have a safe trip, Master." just killed me. It killed me. The whole Maid-spirit was never forgotten, and every loose end was tightened up beautifully. There are no plotholes, and for some unfathomable reason, I can't complain about the ending (excluding the AoixHonoka thing, but that can be fixed.) And so, this is goodbye. For good. T-T

(Goes and cries in a corner)

But hey, this is what Fanfiction is for, isn't it?
I love you, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. Thank you for the unforgettable journey. <3

Birthday: Reborn

"Wow Tsuna, you got some skills out there, getting yourself hurt in the hospital."
Otanjoubu omedetou, Reborn~ <3 >//////< No matter what form you take (be it an adorably evil baby to a badass hitman pro), I'll always love you. Ciaossu~



Title: Desiderium
Genre: Romance, Angst
Word count: 618
Type: Original Fiction
A/N: Well, this is actually something I turned in for one of my assignments, but I’ve always loved the idea, and I really liked how this turned out, so here it is.

(An ardent longing, as for something lost)

Sometimes, when he’s alone and the world quiets down into a muffled sort of murmur devoid of death and darkness, he dreams of beautiful green shades of emerald hues. It’s during one of those instances when he’s down on one knee before her, swearing his vows of undying fealty that she smiles at him, eyes enigmatic and luminous, and he swears that there’s a beat thrumming through his chest that leaves him breathless. From where he stands in his role as the castle’s guardian, the dragon that guards the princess, he fully understands that his role is to die for her, and has prepared for it since the moment he’d given up a part of him to the dragons in exchange for the ability to protect, because nothing ever comes without a price. But for him to become so fixated on something other than his duty was the last thing he expected.

Not much has changed since then, really. He’s still fighting endless battles, still running out of time that wasn’t his to begin with, still trying so desperately to find solace in the things that reminded him of being human, still wanting to live – but he has a purpose now, a reason, something to fight and put his life on the line for, and that alone makes him feel alive and, quite ironically, human. All of it is for her, the one person who holds his heart, his soul, his loyalty. Nevertheless, no matter what she says, he knows what he is, and he is most definitely not her prince, because princes weren’t supposed to be so dark, broken, and hollow inside. Even though he may look like it, he’s not human, not anymore.

There’s nothing human about the crimson hue of his eyes, in the way it ripples as waves of scarlet lap at the outer edges of his onyx pupils, and how his hands, human hands, wielded a draconian power unbeknownst to those who didn’t understand the dragon’s magic and it’s strange, esoteric behavior. But despite everything, he knows that she trusts him with more than her life, and believes in him, in the little light he has left in his hollow soul, and he can’t help but taste the new sensation that makes itself known every time she’s around. It’s comforting, unfamiliar, and envelops him like the sapphire flames that he holds in his hands, that encompasses his entire being, and burns low and steady in the center of his chest. And while his flames are neither hot nor cold, and although he’s a dragon and is therefore insusceptible to fire, he swears that it’s only when she touches him that he truly feels burned.

And yet, there’s always something there to remind him of who they were, because everyone wants her, everyone has to have her, and being her dragon, her shield, her sword, he has no time to fantasize about something that will never come to pass. He’s got a job to do, a princess to protect, so he ignores the burgeoning weight in his chest whenever they turn their backs to each other, because he knows that one day, she’ll fall, and no matter how hard he tries to catch her, there’s already someone else – there’s always someone else. But that doesn’t stop him from fighting, from pushing his body to the limit, from standing up once again despite how the battle takes its toll on what’s left of his soul. He can’t afford to lose, so he stands up, gathers what’s left of his strength, holds the hues and shards of the pure sky in the palms of his hands, and blazes.



Review: Fairy Tail 355

And so the Giant's Flame thing is over and done with. (I wonder what happened to Flare.) But in any case, because this is Fairy Tail, and because Hiro-sensei is a huge perv (you know it's true!), of course, there is a huuuuuugggeeee amount of fanservice. Because what better way to relax than to give the readers some PLOT and a very shirtless Gray. xD

But, I really laughed when Natsu said, "Shows how much you know..."
And I REALLY cracked up when...

HAHAHAHA, GRAY, NATSU. XD Oh, you guys are so cute. And Erza.. Oh, oh Erza. What would Jellal say?

But what I was NOT expecting, though, was this:

Well holy shit. No wonder he looked familiar! I thought I knew him from somewhere~~ >< Curse my horrible memory. (On the sidelines, I'm laughing at Erza and Natsu. Okay, first, Jellal is going to rip Natsu's head off. Second, the NatsuxErza fans are going to go bonkers.)

Oh, but his speech was just.. just beautiful.

Oh, I feel so content, and airy, and absolutely loved. This is really sweet. Hmmm..


The last part that mentions E.N.D. Well...
(Natsu, I'll attend your funeral and make sure you're cremated.)

Birthday: Uzumaki Naruto


Usually, I'd start with a quote, but, sigh, this is the thing about main characters: YOU HAVE WAY TOO MANY QUOTES TO CHOOSE FROM. And so, in regard to that, I'll just pick a recent quote.

"You guys piss me off so much that I can't even put it into words. So I'll just tell you something about me... I'm not trash! And I'll never become trash, either! I won't let you kill my comrades!"
-Uzumaki Naruto.

Kyaaa~~ Said with so much badassery, it makes me want to melt. Ish. Hahaha, you're so cute. XD Ne, Naru-tan, you know, today isn't just your birthday! It's also Kushina and Minato's death. And while I want to look at this as a sad day, I won't. I'm just going to concentrate on their love for you, and how they're such wonderful parents. T-T Oh, oh no, I'm tearing up. (sniff) GAH, I WILL SURVIVE! MINATO. KUSHINA. I LOVE YOUUUU~ <3

Birthday: Xanxus

"Regardless of our internal strife, in times of crisis, when we are attacked by scumbags from the outside... We, the Vongola, are always as one!"
Oh, oh Xanxus~~ <3 You're sort of like the older, Italian version of my beloved Kyouya, hahaha! But don't worry, you're just as hot. And I'm not just talking about your flames, HAHAHAHA! >/////< Buon Compleanno, Bossu~ (I'm sorry, Tsunaaaa~~) Ah, that glare is going to melt me...



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